Names of girls

Names of girls:

ABAN: Waters; name of an angel; name of 10th day and 8th month

ABANDOKHT: Daughter of Aban

ABANHIR: Possessing essence of Aban

ABENAHIR: Water of stream or canal



ANAHITA: Stainless, immaculate; name (or epithet) of an angel (Ardvi Sura Anahita) identified with the sacred Waters (Aban)

ARDVISURA: lit. “mighty Ardvi”: Brilliant waters; name of a river in Iran; name of an angel (Ardvi Sura Anahita) identified with the sacred Waters (Aban)

AREDETFREDHI: One having a righteous father; mother of a future savior

ARENAVACHI: Speaking the truth; daughter of King Jamshed

ARGAVAN: Red color

ARMAITI: Humility, devotion, piety; name of an Archangel

ARMINDOKHT: Daughter of a dweller of the garden of Eden

ARNAVAZ: Holy comforter

ARNAZ: Purely graceful

ARTA: Righteous

ARTDOKHT: Righteous daughter

ARYENISH: Of a noble lineage

ARZU: Wish

ASHA: Righteousness, holiness

ASHISHVANGH: Good blessings, sanctity; name of an angel (Av. Ashi Vanghuhi); name of 25th day of month

ATURDOKHT: Daughter of Fire

AVA: (= Aban) Waters; name of an angel; name of 10th day and eighth month



AZADDOKHT: Daughter of a freeman

AZARMIDOKHT: Beloved daughter; a polite girl; name of a Sassanian queen


BAHAR: Spring

BAHMANBANU: Lady with a good mind

BAHMANDOKHT: Good minded maiden; daughter of Bahman

BAKHTAVAR: Fortunate

BANU: Lady


BANUDADHUSH: Lady with justice and intelligence

BANUGUL: Rose-like lady

BANUGUSHNASP: Lady who possesses a male horse; name of a brave daughter of Rustam

BANUHUFRIYA: Friendly lady, loving lady

BANUHUFRIZ: Well-born lady

BANUHURAM: Lady with joy; name of hero Rustam’s wife

BANUHURURISH: Lady shining like the sun

BEHAFRID: Well created

BEHRUZ: Good day

BEHZAD: Well born

BENAFSHA: A violet


BOSTAN: Place of fragrance; garden; name of a book by Sheikh Saadi

CHAMAN: Garden


CHEHERAZAD: Of noble descent

DADHUSH: Born intelligent

DADHUSHFARROKH: Born with auspicious intelligence

DANISH: Wisdom

DEHBANU: Village lady

DELAFRUZ: Kindler of the heart

DELARA: Adorner of heart; beloved

DELARAM: Comfort to heart; lovely woman

DELBAHAR: Heart of the spring season

DELBANU: Lady of heart; loving lady

DELBAR: Loving; sweetheart

DELDAR: Keeper of heart; lover

DELKHUSH: Pleasant; cheerful; opener of heart

DELNAVAZ: Caresser of heart

DELRUBA: Ravishing of heart

DELSHAD: Of happy heart

DEYAZAD: Worshipful creator


DIN: Religion; conscience; name of an angel; name of 24th day

DINAZ: Religious song, music


DINBANU: Lady of faith

DINBANU: Lady of faith

DOGDO: One who milks cows; daughter; Av. Dugedhra, name of Zarathushtra’s mother


FAHNIK: Virtuous

FARHANG: Knowledge, learning

FARIDA: Proud, headstrong

FARKHONDA: Happy, fortunate

FARNAZA, FARZANAK: Learned; intelligent


FERANGIZ: Dazzling glory; name of mother of King Kai-Khusrow

FEROZA: Victorious

FEROZBANU: Victorious lady

FEROZBANU: Victorious lady

FRANAK: Glorious; name of King Faridoon’s mother

FRANAK: Glorious; name of King Faridoon’s mother

FRAWARTI: Guardian Spirit

FRENY: Beloved; name of one of the daughters of Zarathushtra


GANJ: Treasure

GOHAR: Essence; nature; jewel

GOHARAFRID: Created by nature

GORDAFRID: Created as a hero; name of an Iranian heroine who fought against Sohrab

GORDIEH: A woman warrior

GUL: Flower; rose

GULAFRUZ: Dazzling like a flower

GULAFSAN: Rose fable

GULAFSHAN: Dispersing like a flower

GULANDAM: Having the form of a flower; slender, delicate

GULBADAN: Having a body like a rose

GULBAHER: A spring flower


GULBANU: Flower-like lady

GULBARG: A roseleaf

GULCHEHR: Having a countenance like a rose; name of the beloved of Aorang

GULESTAN: Garden of roses; name of book by Sheikh Saadi

GULKHANDAN: Smiling like a flower


GULLALA: The tulip flower

GULNAR: Pomegranate

GULPAEKAR: Rose-faced

GULROXAR: Rose-faced; rosy-cheeked

GULRUKH: Rose-faced; ruddy

GULSHAN: A delightful spot; rose garden

GULSHIRIN: Sweet like a rose: name of daughter of King Yazdgerd who defeated the Arabs for a time

GULZAR: Garden Of flowers


HOMA: Name of an Iranian bird

HOMAI: Well proportioned; name of Kayanian King Bahman’s wife

HORMAZBANU: Lady bearing the name of God

HUFRIYA: One who possesses much love

HUTOSH: Well-formed

HUTOXI: Diligent, industrious; name of King Gushtasp’s queen

HVOVI: Of the family of Hvov wnich means ‘having good animals’; consort of Zarathushtra

IRANBANU: Lady of Iran

IRANDOKHT: Daughter of Iran

JAHANARAY: Adorner of the world



KAIANDOKHT: Daughter of Kayanian family

KAIDOKHT: Daughter of a king; princess

KANIZ: Maiden

KATAYUN: Name of the Queen of King Gushtasp

KATIN: Belonging to the house

KEHERAFRID: Made of chestnut or bay color

KERBANU: A lady of felicity, strength, and power

KESHVAR: Country, region



KHUBCHEHR: Good looking

KHUBRUI: Of fine features

KHURMAND: Possessing glory

KHURSHID: Shining sun; Av. Hvare Khshaeta

KHURSHIDBANU: Lady like the sun

KHUSHCHEHR: Of pleasing face


KHUSHNAMA, KHUSHNAM: Of nice appearance

KHUSHNAWAZ: Pleasingly caressing


LAL: Ruby: red wine: vermillion lips of a lovely woman

LALAGUL: Tulip flower

LALEH: Tulip: the tulip-shaped pestle used in the Yasna ceremony

LILYA: Dark night

MAH: Moon

MAHAFRID: Created great

MAHAFRIN: Blessing of the moon

MAHAZIVER: A lady with golden ornaments

MAHBANU: Moon-like lady

MAHCHEHR: With features like the moon

MAHDOKHT: Daughter of the moon

MAHIN: Like the moon

MAHINBANU: Lady like the moon

MAHKHURSHID: Moon and sun

MAHPAEKAR: Having a face like the moon

MAHPARI: Fairy of the moon

MAHPARVIN: Moon Pleiades

MAHPERVIZ: Excellent like the moon

MAHROKH, MAHRU: Having a face like the moon

MAHTAB: Shining moon

MAHZARIN: Golden moon



MANI: Angelic

MANIZEH: A jewel of a lady; name of wife of Bezan and daughter of Afrasiab

MEHER: The sun; love, kindness, friendship: justice; name of an angel; name of the 16th day and seventh month

MEHERAFRAZ: Exalted by love

MEHERAFRID: Created by love

MEHERAFRIN: Blessings of the sun

MEHERAFRUZ: Kindled by love

MEHERANGIZ: One that creates love


MEHERBANU: Lady of love

MEHERCHEHR: Having features like the sun

MEHERKHODA: Lord of friendship; Grace of God

MEHEROKH: With a face like the sun

MEHERPAEKAR: Of a face like the sun

MEHERSIMIN: Having a silvery form like Mihr




NAHEED: Venus; stainless, immaculate


NARENJ: Orange

NARGES: Narcissus

NAVAZ: One who caresses, soothes; name of a musical instrument


NAVAZESH: Caressing, soothing

NAZAKAT: Elegance, politeness, tenderness

NAZBANU: Graceful lady

NAZCHEHR: Graceful looks

NAZNEEN: Graceful maiden

NAZTAB: Shining grace: epithet applied by Firdousi to Mushknaz

NEKAKHTAR: Of good stars

NEKBAKHT: Of good fortune

NEKCHEHR: Of good appearance

NEKDEL: Of good heart


NILOPAL, NILUFER: Lotus, water-lily

PAESANGNU: A decorated female

PARENDI: An angel of prosperity

PARI: Fairy

PARIBANU: Fairy-girl

PARICHEHR: Fairy-faced

PARIK: Fairy

PARIN: Fairy-like

PARINDOKHT: Daughter of a fairy

PARIZAD: Born of a fairy

PARVANA: A butterfly, a moth

PARVIN: Pleiades; pearls

PARVIZ: Victorious; happy; excellent

PAYENDEH: Permanent


POURUCHISTI: Full of wisdom; name of daughter of Zarathushtra

PURAN: Of red color; successor

PURANDOKHT: Name of a queen, daughter of Puran

PURGAV: Having many cows



RAMBANU: Lady of joy

RAMBEHESHT: Paradise of joy

RASHNA: Rectitude

Ratanbai, Ratubai*

ROBAB: A musical instrument

ROBEAB: Sweeping of waters

ROKHSAR: Bright face

ROSHAN: Bright; shining


ROSHANAK: Bright woman

ROSHNI: Lustre

ROXENDA: Flashing

ROZAFZUN: Prosperous day

ROZBAHAR: Spring day

ROZMEHER: Day of love ard light

RUDABEH: River water, name of wife of Zal

RUHAE: A woman of good fortune


RUX: Day

RUXSHIN: Shining, bright

RUZBEH: Good day


SAMANBAR: Forebearing

SAMANNAZ: Beautiful lily of the val!ey; name of the daughter of Kurang, king of Zabulistan, who married King Jamshed

SAMANRUKH: With a patient face

SANOBER: A name of an evergreen tree like the cypress

SAPINUD: White; name of an Iranian queen

SARAFRAZ: With an exalted head; honored

SAROSH: Obedience; an angel; name of 17th day

SARV: Cypress

SARVAZAD: Noble like a cypress

SAVANGHVACHI: Speaking gainfully; Av. name for a daughter of King Jamshed


SHAHDOKHT: Daughter of a monarch, princess

SHAHI: Royal

SHAHNAVAZ: Caresser of a King

SHAHNAZ: Pride of a King

SHAHRINAZ: Music of the realm

SHAHRU: Having a face like a sovereign

SHAHZAN: Royal spouse: virgin wedded, so named in Parsi marriage benediction


SHAKERBANU: sweet lady

SHAKERNAZ: Delicate as sweet words

SHEHERAZAD: Independant, Free

SHEHERBANU: Lady of the city

SHEHERIVAR [Shahrewar]: Power at will; name of an Archangel; name of fourth day and sixth month

SHEHERNAVAZ: Comfort of the city

SHEHERNAZ: Glory of the City

SHIRBANU: Brave lady

SHIRDOKHT: Brave daughter



SHIRINBANU: Sweet lady

SIMBAR: Having a white complexion

SIMIN: Silvery

SIMINDOKHT: Silvern girl

SIMURG: Mythical bird

SINDOKHT: Name of a female ancestor of Rustam

SPENTA ARMAITI: Beneficient, right mindedness, truthfulness; name of an Archangel


SRUTATFEDHRI: Having a famous father; Av. name of the mother of one of the three saviours of the world

SUDABEH: Having lustrous profit; name of the daughter of King of Hamavaran, and Oueen of King Kaus, the Kayanian



SUSAN: Lily; fir tree; name of a Turanian dancing girl who trapped Iranian heroes


TAJBANU: Lady of the Crown; queen

TANAZ: Having a delicate body

TEHMINA: Strong woman; name of hero Rustam’s wife and daughter of King of Samangan

THRITY: Third one; Av. name for one of the daughters of Zarathushtra

TISHTAR: Angel of rain

TOKHMESARV: Having stature like a cypress

TUSHNAMAITY: Contented mind

USHTAVAITY: Having bliss: name of the second Gatha

VAHBIZ: Bestowed by God

VANGHU FREDHI: Of good parentage; name of mother of future saviour

VIRA: Heroine


VIRBANU: Heroic lady

VISPANFRIVA: Beloved of all

YASMIN: Jasmine

YAZDIN: Angelic

YAZDINDOKHT: Angelic daughter

ZAMROD: Jamrud, the river of Jam, a town near Peshawar

ZARIN: Golden

ZARINCHINAR: Golden poplar

ZARMANDOKHT: Daughter of time

ZER: Gold

ZOISH: The invoker; name of Zarathushtra’s grand-mother


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