Shah Lohrasp and Zarathustra

Shah Lohrasp and Zarathustra

Sah Lohrasp and Zarathustra

Left is Shah Lorasp , center is our holy fire & right side us Spitman Asho Zarthustra.

A quintessential image seen in Zoroastrian homes and places of worship.
The image shows Zarathushtra on the right and an individual often called
Kay Lohrasp on the left. Kay Lohrasp was a legendary Kayanian king and
the father of King Vishtasp (a name later evolved as Gushtasp), the patron king
of Zoroastrianism who adopted Zarathushtra’s teachings. Kay (Kai) Lohrasp
abdicated his throne in order to devote himself to spiritual advancement
(the act of gofe-nashin and kinareh-kush,
a retiring to a contemplative repose – an introspective and meditative retreat).
He is sometimes known as Saheb Mithra (later Meher). Mithra / Meher / Mehr
is the guardian of the covenant, accord, kindness and friendship.
(A neighbourhood fire-temple is also called a Dar-e Mehr, the Door of Mehr.)
Kay Lohrasp is seen wearing a tradition dress of mobeds, Zoroastrian priests.

The Kayanian or kiani, are a dynasty of Greater Iranian tradition and folklore. Considered collectively, the Kayanian kings are the heroes of the Avesta, the sacred texts of Zoroastrianism, and of the Shahnameh, Iran’s national epic.

Kyanian dynasts

Kai Qobád
Kai Kavoos
Kai Khosrow
Kai Lohrasp
Kai Garshasp
Kai Bahman
Kai Darab


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