On the Food suitable for Consumption

On the Food suitable for Consumption

1. On the Food suitable for Consumption.

2. Be it known that the food that is the staple of Life is that which is suitable to our needs, pure, promoter of good looks, appropriate for all functions, and beneficial to the world. And the food that is in accordance with the requirements of the body consists of vegetables and edible fruits. In the great religious ceremonies (i.e. of the Jashans and the Gahambars), the flesh of five species of domestic animals is allowed (as food). As regards the use of birds as food, the flesh of the three species — the vulture, the dark raven, and the owl — is forbidden. Moreover, the food that is innocuous to the body and is the promoter of morals, is the harmless one consisting of the pure milk of the female domestic animals. Among other foods, that which is indigestible should not be partaken of. That is to say, the diet should be such as can admit of repetition (i.e. as can be assimilated) Because the food prepared from men, dogs, animals of the fox species, and other carcasses, and from noxious animals, is poisonous, and generates wickedness (in man). All such food is injurious (to man), and renders him polluted.

(Holy Denkard, Book V, Chapter 16, English translation by Peshotan Dastur Behramjee Sanjana, 1900 )


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