On Garments

On Garments

1. On Garments.

2. Garments or clothing are (essential) for persons of a high order. For instance, next the body should be worn the excellent garment of the Sudre (the sacred shirt), and over it be put on the Kusti (the sacred girdle). As far as possible one should not expose (the body), nor should he move about without the Sudre and Kusti on. The pudenda (i.e. the private parts of men and women) should be kept covered. Cold winds and hot winds should be guarded against (by suitable garments). And besides this a clean dress, protecting the body, should be put on according to the requirements of one’s work or occupation. The body should be kept pure (undefiled); nor should it be put to unnecessary exertion. Nor should one put on a dress that is out of vogue (i.e. other than the habitual dress) and is strange. For certain acts and for certain things there should be no fighting. To conduct oneself on the right path, one should be full of pure resources, and be virtuous.
(Holy Denkard, Book V, Chapter 17, English translation by Peshotan Dastur Behramjee Sanjana, 1900


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