Grades of Fires and Temples

Grades of Fires and Temples

Today, there are three grades of fires:
• Atash Bahram (or Atash Behram),
• Atash Adaran, and
• Atash Dadgah.

The three grades of fires have given rise to three principle (and somewhat arbitrary) grades of temples:
• Atash Bahram (or Atash Behram),
• Agiary (in India) or Atashkadeh (in Iran), and
• Darbe Meher/Dar-e-Mehr.

An Atash Bahram and an Agiary (also spelt Agiari) or Atashkadeh have an inner sanctum where the fire is maintained and where ceremonies of the inner circle are conducted. This rectangular sanctuary, demarcated by furrows, is called the pavi. Only ritually purified priests can enter the pavi. The afringan or fire urn, is placed on an elevated marble platform at the south end of the pavi. Towards the north end of the pavi is the ritual instrument table, or alat-khwan.


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