Atash Adaran, Agiary, Atashkadeh

Atash Adaran, Agiary, Atashkadeh

An Atash Adaran or fire of fires, is the second grade of fire and is generally housed in an Agiari (also spelt Agiary, Agyari, Agiyari – India, Gujerati) or Atashkadeh (Iran, Farsi), both meaning a house of fire.

Agiaries and Atashkadeh do not require a high priest and can be attended by Mobeds.

The fire is built from the hearth fires of representatives from four professions: the asronih (priests), the (r)atheshtarih (soldiers and civil servants), the vastaryoshih (farmers and herdsmen) and the hutokshih (artisans and labourers). The consecration of the Adaran fire requires eight priests and can take between two and three weeks. With some Agiaries, the priest maintains a consecrated fire at home, brings the fire to the Agiary when required, and later takes it back home.


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