On (The Mazdayasnians) preserving themselves from debasement (i.e. from becoming deteriorated)

On (The Mazdayasnians) preserving themselves from debasement (i.e. from becoming deteriorated).


(Every Mazdayasnian), in order that he may not degenerate, and may be able to preserve himself on all occasions, should have a knowledge (of the ways of) Ahriman and the evil spirits who guilefully try to win him over; because they imperceptibly enter into the good creation, and secretly do harm to the path of rectitude. They are the unseen destroyers (of good people). And by stealth they make the thoughts, words, and deeds of men the habitations for destructive vices. The advent of true prophets in this world is for the purpose of revealing to the people the mystery of the spiritual world (i.e. the Religion), with the view of checking their longings for sinful acts, and of confirming their resolve for striving after good deeds. (The prophets) should be recognized and their ways followed; the evils wrought by the Devs should be guarded against; and whatever is profitable to them (i.e. to the Devs) should be cast away from one’s essence. And they should not be given admittance into one’s nature. And one shall constantly wage war with the Druj (i.e. the malignant influences) within oneself, and hold in abhorrence and keep in subjection the devil of devils Ganamino and his law-breaking evil powers, such as Akoman, Andar, Soro, Naogas, Tarich, Zarich, Akhdehash, Az, Hesham, and other (vicious) devils, the violators of the (Divine) Law. Of all the devils those several (mentioned above) require to be particularly guarded against (by the Mazdayasnians). Especially should they preserve themselves from the perverse ways of Akoman, i.e. (the devil) of perverse thoughts. The intelligence of the perverting devil should be opposed by the intelligence pertaining to good wisdom. Man should improve himself by constantly being on his guard, and it behooveth him to try to improve others.

For similar reason the Creator has made the human body an abode for Vohuman to withstand Akoman, and for other good angelic powers to withstand the Drujs, where by the Mino Yazads (are enabled to) keep good watch and ward within the living man.

(Holy Denkard, Book V, Chapter 8, English translation by Peshotan Dastur Behramjee Sanjana, 1900 )


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