Ahura Mazda is the lord of wisdom

Ahura Mazda is the lord of wisdom:

The very name of the godhead embodies in itself great wisdom. Ahura Mazda is the wise lord (Y29.6; 45.3; 48.2, 3). He has created the universe through his wisdom and rules it through wisdom. He is the most knowing one (Y46.19). He is the far-seeing one (Y33.13), and so is he the all-seeing one (Y45.4). He knows all that is done in the past and all that will be done in the future, and judges through his omniscience (Y29.4). Zarathushtra seeks knowledge from him of what will be and what will not be (Y31.5). Through his Best Mind he knows man’s desert at the reckoning (Y32.6, 7). Human beings have their masks drawn on their faces and none can see what is hidden within. But Ahura Mazda has an eye over them all and with penetrating eyes he sees their open and secret faults (Y31.13). None can deceive his wisdom (Y43.6), for he is undeceivable (Y45.4). He is the consummate teacher of those who believingly hear him and become of one mind with him and who, inspired by Asha and Vohu Manah, exalt him by their words and deeds (Y51.3).

Source : History of zoroastrianism, Chapter V


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