Ahura Mazda is the creator

Ahura Mazda is the creator :

Creation is a free act of the divine goodness of Ahura Mazda (Y44.7). In the beginning when he lived in his supreme self-sufficiency, he conceived the thought to clothe the heavenly realm with light (Y31.7). He created light, and darkness was there, for darkness shadows light (Y44.5). He is the father and creator of Vohu Manah (Y31.8; 44.4; 45.4), of Asha (Y31.7, 8; 44.3; 47.2), of Khshathra (Y44.7), of Armaiti (Y31.9; 44.7; 45.4), of Haurvatat and Ameretat (Y51.7), and of Geush Tashan (Y31.9; 47.3). The joy-giving cattle and this universe are his creations (Y44.6; 50.11). He upholds the earth and firmament from falling (Y44.4). He made the moon wax and wane, and determined the path of the sun and stars (Y44.3). He yoked swiftness to wind and clouds (Y44.4). He clothed the heavenly realms with light (Y31.7). He it was who made morning and noon and night (Y44.5). He created kine, waters and plants (Y44.4; 48.6; 51.7). He created human beings and their spirits, breathed life in their bodies and endowed them with the freedom of will (Y31.11; 46.6). He inspired love between the son and father (Y44.7) . He made sleep and wakefulness (Y44.5). He is the beneficent dispenser of blessings to mankind (Y28.5; 33.11; 48.3) . Weal and woe are ordained by him (Y45.9) .

Source : History of zoroastrianism, Chapter V


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