101 Names of Ahuramazda

101 Names of Ahuramazda

1. Yazad (Worthy of Worship)
2. Harvesp tavãn (Omnipotent)
3. Harvesp âgâh (Omniscient)
4. Harvesp khudâ (The Lord of the Universe)
5. Abadah (Wonderful)
6. Abî-anjãm (Having no end)
7. Bûneshtêh (The Source of all Creation)
8. Frâkhtan-têh (The Noble End of everything)
9. Chamag (The Lord of Reasoning)
10. Parjatarah (The Exalted)
11 Tum-afik (The Most Innocent)
12 Abarvand (The Unique)
13 Parvandâ (Over and around everybody)
14 An-aiyâfah (One who cannot be comprehended)
15 Ham-aiyâfah (One who has the measure of everybody)
16 Âdarô (The Most Straight forward)
17 Gîrâ (The Supreme Control)
18 A-chem (The Causeless Cause)
19 Chamanâ (The Cause of all causes)
20 Safnâ (The Bringer of Prosperity)
21 Afazâ (The Lord of Plenty)
22 Nâshâ (One Whose help reaches all)
23 Parvarâ (The Maintainer of all)
24 Iyânah (The Lord Protector)
25 Âin-âênah (The Prototype of all forms of Creation)
26 Ân-âinah (Having no physical form)
27 Khrôshîdtum (The firmest of the firm)
28 Mînôtum (The Most Invisible)
29 Vâsnâ (Omni-present)
30 Harvastum (The Most Supreme)
31 Hu-sepâs (Deserving of thanks)
32 Har-hamîd (Unparallelled)
33 Har-nek-farêh (The Haloed Spirit)
34 Bêsh-tarnâ (The Reliever of all pain and suffering)
35 Tarônîsh (The Triumphant)
36 An-aoshak (Immortal)
37 Farsak (The Father of all progress)
38 Pajôh-dahad (The Creator of good nature)
39 Khvâfar (The Bountiful)
40 Avakshhiâêyâ (The Forgiving)
41 Abarzâ (The Most Exalted)
42 A-satôh (The Invincible)
43 Rakhôh (The Independent)
44 Varûn (Worthy of the faith reposed un Him)
45 A-farefah (One who cannot be deceived)
46 Bê-farêfah (The Undeceived)
47 A-duî (Having no equal)
48 Kãmêrad (The Lord of Desire)
49 Farmãn-kãm (One who can command as He pleases)
50 Âekh-tan (The One and Only)
51 A-farmôsh (One who never forgets)
52 Hamârnâ (The Settler of all Accounts)
53 Sanâêâ (One who knows everybody)
54 A-tars (The Undaunted)
55 A-bîsh (Free from pain and suffering)
56 Afrâzdum (The Highest)
57 Ham-chûn (Eternally the same)
58 Mînô-stîh-gar (The Creator of all that is spiritual)
59 Amînô-gar (The Creator of all that is material)
60 Mînô nahab (The Hidden Spirit)
61 Âdar-bâd-gar (One who can change fire into air)
62 Âdar-nam-gar (One who can change fire into water)
63 Bâd-âdar-gar (One who can change air into fire)
64 Bâd-nam-gar (One who can change air into water)
65 Bâd-gêl-gar (One who can reduce air to ashes)
66 Bâd-gerad-tum (One who can reduce air into dust)
67 Âdar-Kîbarît-tum (One who can change fire into a percious stone)
68 Bâd-gar-jâê (One who produces fresh air everywhere)
69 Âb-tum (The Creator of the plentiful waters)
70 Gêl-âdar-gar (One who can transform ashes into fire)
71 Gêl-vâd-gar (One who can transform ashes into air)
72 Gêl-nam-gar (One who can transform ashes into water)
73 Gar-gar (The Master Architect)
74 Gar-ô-gar (The Fulfiller of all desires)
75 Gar-â-gar (The Creator of Mankind)
76 Gar-â-gar-gar (The Creator of the entire Universe)
77 Agarâ gar (The Creator of the four elements of nature)
78 Agarâgar-gar (The Creator of the elements of nature as well the stars)
79 A-gûmãn (The undoubted)
80 A-zamân (The Infinite)
81 A-khuãn (The Ever-Awake)
82 Âmasht (The Supreme Intelligence)
83 Fashûtanâ (One who looks after the well-being of all)
84 Padmânî (The Lord of Moderation)
85 Fîrôzgar (The Victorious)
86 Khudâvand (The King of the Universe)
87 Ahuramazd (The Omniscient Creator of all life)
88 Abarîn-kuhan tavãn (The Preserver of all that is ancient)
89 Abarîn-nô-tavãn (The Great Rejuvenator)
90 Vaspãn (One who reaches the entire creation)
91 Vaspâr (The Lord Beneficent)
92 Khâwar (The Merciful)
93 Ahû (Existence itself, the one and only Reality)
94 Awakshîdâr (The One who can forgive)
95 Dâdâr (The Creator)
96 Rayômand (The Radiant)
97 Khôremand (The Glorious)
98 Dâvar (The Dispenser of Justice)
99 Kêrfêgar (The Lord of meritorious deeds)
100 Bôkhtâr (The Reliever of all troubles)
101 Frashôgar (The Resurrector)


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