In His message, Ashu Zarathushtra mentions the twin opposite spirits. These two play a role in maintaining the needed harmony within God’s creation. The consequence of these two appears as positive & negative energy – existing in the smallest particles like Electron & Proton and affect the whole universe as Push and Pull. None of these have been created “Bad” according the rule of Asha and they exist as “Relative” to the other. Thus, Ahuramazda is not the creator of any evil or vice. He is the creator of all good things. The opposition of these twins only comes to its expression in our thoughts when thinking about choosing good and bad. The wise person makes use of “Spentamainyu” (Promoter of good thoughts) in his mind and on the other hand, the


ignorant ones, merely, follow evil thoughts and prejudice or “Angramainyu” (Devastating thoughts) which is known as Ahriman in farsi language. Thus, the creator of Ahriman or devastating thought is not God but unwise person that changes devastating thought into devastating words & deeds.

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