Ashu Zarathushtra, a Messenger of truth and wisdom, was born in Iran on 6th of Farvardin month,1768 B.C. The Holy Avesta mentions “Rageh” –a place next to “Droji” river and near Lake “Chichast“, as His birth place.


Ashu Zarathushtra’s father was Pourushaspa.His mother was Doghdhova, His wife Hvavi, His 3 sons

Isadvastar, Orvatadnar and Khorshidchehr and His 3 daughters were Triti, Frini and Pouruchista.


When an adolescent, Ashu Zarathushtra realized that superstitions and the worship of several and unreal gods were wrong. At the age of Twenty, he chose seclusion, pondered in nature and finally came to know God. When 30 years old, God chose Him as a Prophet and He made the religion of monotheism known to the world for the very first time.


God is referred to as Ahuramazda in Ashu Zarathushtra’s message and thought. “Ahura” means “lifegiving”, “maz” means “great” and “da” comes from the word “knowledge”. In this viewpoint, God is the “Great Wise Creator”. As such Ahura Mazda does not consider Human being as His slave, He has vested into human beings the virtues of “Intelligence” and “Humanity” with the power of a thinking Mind (Manah) and that of the Conscience(Daena).


To Ashu Zarathushtra God is not spiteful, vengeful, angry or one who penalizes every body. He believes in a God who is “All good”, All wise” All judicious”.


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