Knowing God, developing moral charecteristics and trying to be a Spentaman are the main goals of living that Ashu Zarathushtra has suggested. He believes that if one coordinates his behaviour with the six charecteristics emanatedfrom God, he will reach the 7th step & he will see only God and nothing else.

The first step for reaching Ahuramazda is “Vohuman” or good thinking. This word has been changed to Bahman in Farsi language. Being one of the innate charecteristics of God, good thinking is amongst Ahurai gifts to human that every body must develop.

The second step in reaching Ahuramazda is “Asha Vahishta” or the best Ashui. This word has been changed to Ardibehesht in Farsi language. Ashui is truth, the only rule of universe & the ability of coordination in God’s nature. Developing this trait in human is also an effort to coordinate deeds with Asha.

Khshatra Vairya” – which has been changed to Shahrivar in Farsi language – means the power of spiritual strenght & self­controling. This is like the innert power of God but confined which one shall develop. Khshatra Vairya includes the power of controlling wrong behaviour with coordination of feelings and wisdom, the power of following Asha’s path, the power of defending one’s right and defeating lies, the strenght to reach freedom in thinking, the strength of devotion & love,… .

The fourth step is love, mentioned in Gathas as “Spenta Armaiti“. It has been changed to Spendarmazd or Esfand in Farsi language. Ashu Zarathushtra believes that God and human’s relationship is based on friendship & love but not horror & dread. So, one must nurture love in himself. Some traits of Spenta Armaiti are: fulfilling promises, devotion, modesty and munificence.

The next trait is “ha Urvatat” in Gathas and Khordad in Farsi. Getting knowledge will help one attain the step of gamut & perfection in order to be an ideal person. Khordad & “Amordad or Ameratat” (perpetuity) – the sixth step of maturity – go together It means that if one achieves perfection, he will simultaneously achieve eternity, too.

Undoubtedly, Ameratat – Amordad in Farsi – which means perpetuity is the innert characteristic of God; but human being can gain eternity in another way that has been predicted in his creation.

The seventh step of zartoshti theosophy in knowing Ahuramazda is being the perfect human (Spentaman) who has understood Ahura and the light of reality. Traits like effort & endeavor, purity & truth, the power of innovation and love will be increased in him so that by development of perfection he succeeds to know God.


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