The Religion of Ashu Zarathushtra was introduced, gradually, in Iran from Achamenid and Kianian era. It  was propagated  in  the Parthian  Era. During  the Sasanian era, it became the formal religion of Iran . When Arabs invaded Iran, some of the Iranians changed their religion while some other that couldn’t tolerate the strangers’ rulings, migrated to India . By their  efforts,  truthfulness  &  assiduity these  people made   great   advances   in   industry  and  now  are amongst valuable & famous citizens of India .

The Zartoshtis that remained in Iran , had difficult time in the very first reigns after Sasanians because of the harsh vailable prejudice. After years of labor & discomfort they took refuge in the central cities of Iran  like  Yazd  &  Kerman  making  aqueducts  and doing agriculture (the work the prophet has suggested).

Centuries   later,   in   Ghajar   era,   “Manekji   Limji Hateria” succeeded to help a lot and cancel Jeziye (a tax that Zartoshtis had to pay). When prejudice and injustice became less, Zartoshtis managed to migrate to  other  cities of  Iran  and  with  the help  of some Parsians like “Markar” could build social, cultural, therapeutic & religious buildings in Yazd & Tehran, which provided humanitarian services for Iran & Iranians.

Nowadays, zartoshtis live their lives in peace along with their other patiots. They always wish pride & stability for  their  country (  Iran  ) and try to play

important roles in building & developing the Ahurai country of Iran .

The summary of Ashu Zarathushtra’s message is that one must think for the benefit of all humans, work for his nation and live a life based on his religion. We hope that all Zartoshtis may reach the status of propagating good thoughts, words and deeds in the whole world in this Ahuraic path.


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