The followers of Ashu Zarathushtra religion who call themselves Mazdiyasni (worshippers of Mazda), pray God with a clean body and soul while facing light. In their prayers, they wish a life full of peace for all people with good deeds around the world. Zartoshtis respect fire besides the other three elements (water, soil & air) and keep “Atashkadeh” as the symbol of love & purity. When praying, they use the light of fire or other lights as the worship direction.

Zartoshtis believe that fire, the symbol of Asha, has some special qualities that the inward fire of humans

– adjoining one’s wisdom to God’s – can learn from them and then teach them to others, too.

Some of these qualities include the followings: cleansing dirt, lightening darkness, always moving upward, self­ burning but donating energy, light, heat to others & making industry run. Zartoshtis respect the “Verahram Fire” made up of 16 fires of different jobs and the ancestors’ fire and  consider that as the flag  of their  Religious  identity,  of  which  they are proud of.

Atashkadeh  is  a  complex  of  fire  temple,  library, school & its related   halls. In this complex, fire of love,  knowledge,  coordination,  unity &  wisdom  is burning and spreads Ashui.


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