Happiness is for that person who makes others happy.(Gathas)

Derived from “yasna”, “Jashn” means uttering Prayers. The religion of Ashu Zarathushtra is a religion of happiness. So, His followers have selected happiness and avoid depression & grief. In this Religion, happiness & celebration is one of the ways of worshipping God. For this reason Zartoshtis have the Gahanbar feasts, which involve acts ofgenerosity

&    munificence, the monthly celebrations – when day

&    month have the same name ­ in addition to the Nowrooz, Mehregan & Sadeh celebrations.

The Iranian Prophet wants His followers to be happy because this is the way through which human body becomes strong & his spirit achieves happiness and enthusiasm for working & endeavor increases. In Ashu Zarathushtra’s viewpoint, only real peace and happiness brings about “benevolence according to the rule of Asha. Otherwise, one won’t reach real happiness.


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