In traditional Zartoshti belief, human beings are endowed with five Powers. By their coming together & interaction, development results. These 5 parts include: body and life – pertaining to material world­ and spirit, the power of realizing good & evil (wisdom and conscious) and Fravahar – all pertaining to spiritual world.


“Fravahar” is made up of two parts: “Fra” meaning foreward & “Vahar” meaning “taking, driving”. Being a beam of Ahuramazda’s glow, Fravahar is the most valuable part of human being. It is the source of all “Ashui” characteristics in one person. Fravahar prevents one’s spirit from tendency to lie and incompetence. Giving humans the power of innovation, Fravahar helps one’s spirit to pass the path of theism & become eligible to become a Spentaman.


In Achamenid era, a picture with this name was selected as the national symbol – respecting basic thoughts of Ashu Zarathushtra religion. Each parts of this symbol convey a message:

­    The shiny old face reminds one to use the wisdom and experiences. of an elderly

­     Praying to Ahuramazda, Fravahar’s hand is upward and symbolizes upward growth and development towards progress.

­    The ring in his hand is the symbol of Mithra and reminds human’s agreement with God for following the Path of Asha.

­    The 3 parts of the wings recall good thoughts, words & deeds.

­    The ring about Fravahar’s wrist shows eternal world & also human power to get rid of inelegant desires and reach God.

­    The 2 hanging tracts, underneath , signify the following Spentameynu (holy thought) & refusing Angrameynu (wrong thought).

­    The part under Fravahar’s wing – which is also made up of 3 parts – conveys the discarding of bad thoughts, words & deeds.



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