Listen with your ears the highest truth; consider them with illuminated minds carefully. Then each man and woman, choose personally and freely between the two paths, good and evil.(Gathas)

Ashu Zarathushtra’s religion teaches that force is a subsidiary of the law Asha, talks about freedom in choosing one’s way. without making any mention of “force”

In Ashu Zarathushtra’s belief, the theory of ” force ” is rejected; and so is the theory of ” initial sin “. Thus, every body is born sinless and pure & one makes his life and future based on the way he chooses. With every kind of corporal, spiritual & familial efficiency, one can acquire knowledge and thereby get to know the forces present in the rule of Asha. Thus, by overcoming deficiencies, insufficiencies change to competencies.

The religion of Ashu Zarathushtra is the religion of hope, freedom and bounty. Gathas suggests every body to choose good thought, knowledgable leader, wise friend and Ashu mate but does not force anybody. This religion respects everybody as a free person. The right of freedom of choice is amongst the most precious Ahuraic gifts which nobody is allowed to take it from another person.


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