AshuZarathushtra’s Messages

AshuZarathushtra’s Messages

Ashu Zarathushtra did not need any “Mmiracles” for conveying the Message of Asha, to the people,. Talking with the language of wisdom, Ashu Zarathushtra has given Ahuramazda,s message in His hymns in an eloquent manner. The Gathas, which are, about, the earliest written poem­like hymns, talk about the ways and means of a good life and salvation. It makes us think deeply and wisely, also inspiring our conscience. Gathas announces the best & easiest pattern of behavior for everybody in every place & time in a logical way, far from all superstitions.


In Ashu Zarathushtra’s words, Gathas has been named “Manthra” meaning “Holy & Ahuraic challenging words”. Thus, “Gathas” meaning “Pure hymns” is the name given by the people who have applied Ashu Zarathushtra’s message –based on their perception & understanding.


From the point of view of the Gatha’s, material life should be coordinated with nature & the rules governing it – called Asha – and in the Spiritual point of view, everybody should use Vohuman’s help to sense the Real Light (Ushta).


Only wise people can fathom the deep meanings of the Gatha’s words, because the ignorant ones act according to their inept feelings & do not listen to Ahuraic messages.


When wise people learn through their good thoughts, they should propagate their knowledge & insight to others –especially to inept ones. In this way superstitions and evil thoughts can be eradicated.


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